Virginia British Motorcycle Rally

Last October the Virginia British Motorcycle Club put on a rally only a few miles from home. So naturally, we had to go.



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British and European Classic Motorcycle Day

Perchance, while browsing ADVRider, I stumbled upon a link to the British and European Classic Motorcycle Day up in Maryland.   I had been lamenting that I hadn’t really gotten out and gotten to use my camera very much, so just my luck that this event was the very next day.

We got up early and would have made good time, if it weren’t for the fact that there was some bicycle event going on around the Pentagon, so the road was closed.  An hour, countless jar-you-from-your-seat bumps, several near-side-swipes, and infuriating Tyson’s Corner traffic later, we pulled into the farm where the event was.  There were A LOT of bikes, of all makes and models – even plenty of Harleys – though few Japanese.  We added our two and set off exploring.

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West Virginia Day Trip

Decided to do a mini-shakedown to figure out what gear I’d want to bring on the big trip this summer, and how I’d like to arrange it.  I figured I’d take the same route we used last summer when we went to WVA – The John Marshall Highway.

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Motorcycle Show

Today my dad and I went to the Progressive International Motorcycle Show.  There were a lot of godawful bikes there:

Seriously, that thing looks like a Disney villain would ride it.

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Summer 2010 – 2300 Miles on a T100

Day 1: Kansas – Trans-Kansas

Day 2: Kansas to New Mexico – Volcano and Red River

Day 3: New Mexico to Colorado – Dunes

Day 4: Colorado – Mesa Verde and Million Dollar Highway

Day 5 and 6: Colorado to Kansas – US50, Colorado Springs, and Old Bent’s Fort


A Look Back


Go figure that in the dead of winter you think more about your summer bike trip.  Man, it was a lot of fun, and we’re all pining for another one next summer.

Before the trip:


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3 Months Later…

So 3 months after our trip, I finally got around to posting the higher-res pictures and collecting some from Dad and Jason.  It’s kind of a random selection:

This is one of me showing the full touring setup on the bike. This is in the Cimarron National Grassland, in the southwest corner of Kansas.

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